In recent time the use of Machine learning has surged with more computing power ( GPUs) being available for research and training. Deep Learning is now helping us venture into problem areas pertaining to major environmental and ecological impacts. One such area of concern is garbage identification and classification. When garbage is identifiable it can be recycled efficiently thus helping the environment and climate change in the long run.

Robot Ramudroid aims to meet this challenge of identifying and picking up recyclable litter from roadsides, alleys, lanes, sidewalks and other urban outdoor places using clean solar energy.

Some experiments at…

The upgrade from v6 to v6.5 saw a higher coupling with IOT framework and attempts at using MQTT used in conjunction with WebSocket json packets to drive and operate the motors of robot .

Project Ramudroid is open source on Github

Ramudroid is an autonomous robotic vehicle to pick up litter from roads

The key differentiators

  • Meant to clean outdoors and rugged surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, narrow lanes, alleys etc which are tedious for manual cleaning
  • No vacuum or suction rather it uses energy-efficient brush-based design
  • Solar Energy Powered thus self-reliant and non-polluting
  • Intelligently targets litter using computer vision trained models

Inspired by Bharat Swachata Abhiyaan and aimed at keeping the urban environment clean and help in garbage classification towards efficient recycling .

India’s struggle with garbage

Remote communication for robot Ramudroid

Modes Of Communication

  • Ethernet LAN — Wired communication
  • Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE ) — Range up to 30 m
  • Wifi — Range upto 100 m
  • 3G network — unlimited range

Summary of approaches to stream in realtime from Rpi based Robot

Live Streaming — Rpi Camera Access Libraries

  • flash
  • ffmpeg
  • WebRTC
  • motion
  • Uv4l
  • Janus
  • fswebcam
  • Rpi Cam

Pros and cons of different Media Capture Libraries

Motion -mjpeg


  • Easy to install and run
  • Inbuilt monitoring


  • Delay in stream capture
  • Frame reload visible



  • Flexibility to change parameters


  • Many dependencies
  • Heavier to install and make on Rpi h/w

Uv4l — WebRTC


  • Fast , no delay
  • open codec — vp8


  • P2p only
  • Limited codec support
  • Requires https to capture from browser



No plugins — No installations of flash or any other 3rd…

Ramudroid, inspired by Bharat Swachata Abhiyaan, was invented ( v1 in 2015) to clean roads and gullies(lanes) for a cleaner environment.

Talk and demo include the design and operation, being powered by solar energy, using camera’s media stream to identify target garbage type and 3 brush design to lift up small objects like plastic cups, wrappers, leaves etc. Also discusses detecting obstruction to reroute itself and act autonomously. Last we also discuss how we can analyse data on garbage spotted and collected for segregation and spotting defaulter people or neighbourhoods who litter regularly.

This article describes various Certificates and compliances, Bill and Acts on data privacy, security and prevention of Robocalls as adopted by countries around the world pertaining to Interconnected VoIP providers, telecommunications services, wireless telephone companies etc

Compliance certificates by Industry types

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Deals with privacy and security of personal medical records and electronic health care transaction

Applicability: If VoIP company handles medical information

Includes :

  • Not allowed Voice mail transcription
  • Should have End-to-End Encryption
  • Restrict using unsecured WiFi networks to prevent Snooping
  • User security, strong password rules and mandatory monthly change
  • Secure Firmware on VoIP phones
  • Maintaining Call and Access Logs

SOX( Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002)

Also known as SOX, SarbOX…

I did this in under 10 mins :)

creating a bot

npm install -g windows-build-tools
npm install -g yo generator-botbuilder

create Dir for your bot proj and use yo generator to reate bot and enter name , descp , lang , template
yo botbuilder


VOIP , WebRTC , SIP, ML , media streaming , Algorithms, R&D , Quantum Computing

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