Ramudroid, inspired by Bharat Swachata Abhiyaan, was invented ( v1 in 2015) to clean roads and gullies(lanes) for a cleaner environment.

Talk and demo include the design and operation, being powered by solar energy, using camera’s media stream to identify target garbage type and 3 brush design to lift up small objects like plastic cups, wrappers, leaves etc. Also discusses detecting obstruction to reroute itself and act autonomously. Last we also discuss how we can analyse data on garbage spotted and collected for segregation and spotting defaulter people or neighbourhoods who litter regularly.

This article describes various Certificates and compliances, Bill and Acts on data privacy, security and prevention of Robocalls as adopted by countries around the world pertaining to Interconnected VoIP providers, telecommunications services, wireless telephone companies etc

Compliance certificates by Industry types

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Deals with privacy and security of personal medical records and electronic health care transaction


VOIP , WebRTC , SIP, ML , media streaming , Algorithms, R&D , Quantum Computing https://telecom.altanai.com/

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